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What Can Cause All Teeth Hurt Suddenly?

NE Calgary Dentist

Tooth pain is a serious problem that can bring stress and discomfort to one’s life. However, all teeth hurt suddenly is a way worse situation. Imagine one is eating out with friends, and suddenly all the teeth start hurting, then all the fun and joy turns into painful moments. It happens when the dental condition is not on point, and tooth decay, cavities, and other similar problems exist in one’s teeth. Fortunately, most of the causes can be easily treatable if timely consulting with a dentist. To avoid this condition, one needs to learn about the underlying causes. 

This guide highlights the potential reasons for intense toothache all of a sudden; also, in the end, it will advise about the best possible treatment to get rid of the cause. 

What Can Cause All the Teeth to Hurt Suddenly: Reasons

Exposure to Extreme Cold or Heat

When the tooth’s hard surface, called “enamel,” becomes weak due to other dental conditions like cavities, or tooth decay, the other sensitive part of the tooth, “dentin,” is exposed. Similarly, when the dentin is exposed, and one eats or drinks food or beverages that are extremely hot and cold, one feels toothache and sharp pain. Dentists recommend specialized toothpaste for sensitivity to tackle this painful yet discomfort situation.

Gum Recession

The role of gum tissues is to cover the bone and protect nerves and other sensitive areas. However, gum recession is the condition when gum tissues start wearing out and expose tooth roots. The exposed roots are at risk as they can easily get tooth infections and lead one towards other dental diseases. Gum recession causes intense pain in teeth, which is more disturbing for those having sensitive teeth. Numerous reasons exist, which is why one gets gum recession, including eating sugary items, improper brushing, and aging. Once the gum recedes, fixing the issue would be challenging and costly. That’s why it’s always crucial to keep removing the bacterial buildup from teeth and gum and keep the gum healthy. 

A cavity or Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the initial stage of a cavity that can be easily treatable. However, when the decay reaches severe cavities, it would demand intensive care and regular visits with dentists to eliminate the problem properly. Similarly, cavities or tooth decay weakens the tooth enamel and causes persistent and sharp tooth pain. If one is suffering from cavities, then it’s the reason why they face sudden hurt and pain in all the teeth.

Grinding Teeth While Sleeping

Teeth grinding or bruxism is the habit of clenching teeth while sleeping. It may be caused whether one is stressed or suffering from some sleeping disorders. Sometimes it is caused when one has a bite issue. So, the continuous grinding of teeth weakens the enamel and sometimes leads to tooth fracture. Similarly, it gives one dull pain in the jaw and teeth, especially after waking up, eating, or chewing something.

Additionally, sometimes bruxism enlarges the jaw muscles and causes headaches. Therefore, according to dentists, the best solution for bruxism is wearing a mouthguard. Those with this condition should wear a mouthguard right before they sleep, and that’s how they can save their teeth from further damage and pain.


Sinus inflammation, also known as sinusitis, is one of the reasons for sudden tooth pain. It occurs when the sinus gets blocked or trapped and produces pressure on the other surrounding nerves. Similarly, the tooth nerves get pressure and give rise to severe pain. The dentist recommends sinusitis patients to take oral antibiotics, whereas serious and extreme cases are advised to go for surgery.

Tooth Erosion

Tooth hard surface enamel is fragile and can easily be damaged if one keeps eating high acid foods and brushing too hard. Likewise, after enamel weakens, the dentin starts damaging over time. When the dentin is attacked by bacteria and starts damaging, it causes unbearable pain and sudden tooth sensitivity while eating and chewing food. To avoid such intense pain, it is advisable to go for treatment and strengthen the teeth. Also, avoiding food items that cause plaque buildup is always best to prevent tooth erosion.


Hence, apart from the causes mentioned above, teeth suddenly hurt for several other reasons, like overdoing rinsing, improper brushing method, and others. The problems exist for those who take oral hygiene non-seriously and do not implement preventive measures. However, if someone is taking good oral care and still facing tooth pain, he should immediately book an appointment and get professional assistance.

If you want to eliminate the unbearable tooth pain, visit one of the best NW Calgary dentist “Royal Oaks Smiles.” Here they offer the quality treatment of dental disease; additionally, their focus is to heal and prevent the root cause. So, call now at 403-374-6161 and book an appointment now.



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