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Dental Implants starting at $1700

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Dental Implants starting at $1700

Dental Implant Cost

The cost of an implant varies based on a patient’s situation and the number of implants required. For a single tooth, the cost to place an implant starts at $1700. The range depends on the amount of customization required, the number of implants and the condition of gums & teeth.
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AFFORDABLE dentistry

We believe everyone should have access to quality dental care, regardless of their financial situation. If you are not covered, don’t worry. We have a variety of immediately available finance plans available with flexible monthly installment options.


Our practice offers sedation dentistry options to help patients with dental anxiety ease their fears and enjoy a more relaxed treatment.


Don’t wait for tomorrow. Immediate care is crucial for dental emergencies. We offer same-day and walk-in appointments for dental emergencies.

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same-Day appointments available

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Our goal is not only to provide you and your family with options that can renew both the function of your teeth and the appearance of your smile but also to ensure you can maintain excellent oral health for years to come. We do this by placing a strong emphasis on record keeping, evaluation and assessment to help provide a personalized treatment plan for each patient.

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For Dental Implants

benefits of Dental Implants

Best Option for Replacing Teeth

The healthiest, most natural method of replacing teeth is widely regarded as dental implants. Dental implants stimulate the jaw bones and allow them to perform other vital functions in the mouth.

Prevents Additional Tooth Loss

Your teeth need one another for support. A missing tooth can cause serious disruption to the surrounding teeth and lead to other problems such as misalignment and tooth decay.

Difficulty Chewing

Missing one tooth may not have a huge impact on your ability to chew but if there is a domino effect and several teeth are missing, you may not be able to enjoy certain foods.

Minimize the Risk of Bone Loss

Each tooth is surrounded by a special layer of bone that is only there to hold your teeth together. When a tooth is lost, that bone stops functioning and the body will replace it.

Prevents Facial Collapse

When you lose a tooth, the rest of the tooth can fall out. These effects along with weakening of the back teeth can cause the jaw to rise and the nose & lips to droop.

Cavity Resistance

Dental implants are made of biocompatible materials such as zirconium or titanium. These materials never wear out, unlike natural teeth, which means you never have to worry about cavities.

Are dental implants right for you?

Depending on your unique circumstances, dental implants can help with the following challenges:
Replacing a missing tooth can greatly restore the health, function, and appearance of your smile. Dental implants are an excellent choice for restoring your smile because dental implants are designed to look, function and feel like your natural teeth and can last a lifetime if you look carefully
For more information about implant dentistry’s benefits and to schedule your implant consultation, please call or visit us soon.

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We’re open 7 days a week to accommodate all of our patients and provide prompt emergency dental care.

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We offer a comprehensive range of dental care options for patients of all ages.
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